Managed Accounts Forex

More than 10 years of experience in the foreign exchange market

Our FOREX Account Management generating to investors an average monthly return of 5%
on the free margin of each account.

State of the art software to simplify the process of buying and selling currencies.

Trading execution Algorithm is automated and managed by our group of Traders.

May 5%

Monthly Profitability

January 22%
February 14%
March 7%
April 0%
May 5%
June 8%
July 8%
August 5%
September 1%
Octuber 5%
November 6%
December 20%
2024 48%

Annual Profitability

2024 48%
2023 86%
2022 119%
2021 35%
2020 126%
2019 55%
2018 112%
2017 71%
2016 98%
2015 82%
2014 68%

Managed Accounts

The COMPANY does not raise or receive investment money, to manage the accounts it is required that they are in the name of the INVESTOR in the bank (broker) of your choice compatible with MetaTrader 4.

  • Number of operations: varies depending on market conditions

  • Duration: intraday, until the Take Profit or Stop Loss is reached

  • Lot volume: adapts to the free margin of each account

  • Minimum investment: 1000 USD

  • Risk level: low

Managed Accounts Forex
Terms and Conditions Forex

Investments are considered and intended to invest in the Forex currency market.

Trades are considered speculative can result in high profits and losses.

Past or current results do not guarantee profits or predict losses, they are the record of our manage.

Buy - Sell

Globally, you can link bank (broker) accounts compatible with MT4
MetaTrader 4
Forex profitability
Monthly Commission Value
of the profitability
Minimum investment 1000 USD

Account management resumes when the INVESTOR makes the commission payment, there are no terms of permanence.

General Information and Technical Support

General Information and Technical Support


Maximum response time 24 hours

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