Better investment options than CDTs, with higher returns

One of the alternatives with the highest returns are Forex Accounts, here we generate an average monthly return of 5%.

There are several investment options that could potentially offer higher returns than Term Deposit Certificates (CDT), although, usually, with a higher level risky. Some of these alternatives could be:

Investment Funds : Investment funds allow you to diversify your money in a portfolio of assets managed by professionals. There are different types of funds that invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, among other assets. They offer the potential for higher returns, but also with a variable level of risk depending on the type of fund.

Shares : Investing in shares involves buying part of a company and participating in its profits. They can offer high long-term returns, but also carry higher risk due to market volatility.

Real Estate : Investing in real estate can be a lucrative long-term option. This may include purchasing properties to rent or investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Corporate or Government Bonds : Bonds are debt instruments that can provide regular income through interest payments. Corporate and government bonds vary in terms of risk and return.

Crowdfunding or Collective Financing : Crowdfunding platforms allow you to invest in real estate projects, startups or other businesses in exchange for potential returns.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) : These are investment funds that are listed on the stock market and usually replicate the behavior of a stock or sector index. They offer diversification and liquidity, with lower costs than some actively managed funds.

It is important to remember that each investment option carries certain risks and you need to understand them before investing. Additionally, your time horizon, financial goals, and risk tolerance level should be considered before making a decision. It is always advisable to seek professional financial advice to adapt investments to your specific situation.

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