Better than Zulutrade

What platform, system or website is better than Zulutrade?
The Zulutrade platform has been a social network for Forex investors and traders for several years , it is an intuitive and easy-to-use system for both the investor and the trader.

Which platform is better than Zulutrade?
There are few of the types of social networks, it is also important when evaluating other alternatives if used as an investor or trader

. Which system is better vs Zulutrade?
There are many systems, there are Expert Advisors, robots, PAMM and MAM accounts, these management systems depend on the expectations and available time of each investor, they can use sen as direct management systems or managed by third parties. 

Which sites are better versus Zulutrade?
It is important to know what the site is looking for and in this way generate a comparison according to the question, this page in question is the sum of a social network, investment site and a place to work freelance as a trader, there are few web portals that They offer these three alternatives, if you only search for one of them it will be easier to find a wide variety of websites when performing a search in the main internet search engines.

Best Zulutrade setup to avoid losing money and which are the best traders?
The most important thing is to be clear about the investment value, we see investors with 100 USD following 20 traders or more, with a bad operation from them you will lose the entire investment, and generally most operate with the same currencies, seen from another perspective. In any case, you will have a currency pair in your account with a high leverage, even if your investment is high, it is advisable not to follow too many traders since this reduces the free margin and at a certain point you may have a very high drawdown.
To find the best traders Zulutrade has its platform to classify and filter traders according to many aspects such as Age, drawdown, ROI and much more.

Forex Accounts do not capture or receive money from third parties, Managed Forex Accounts are required to be in the name of the INVESTOR in the bank (broker) of their choice compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform . For more information, enter Here

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