CDT that pays more interest per month and per year

Forex Accounts generate an average monthly profitability of 5% , in a CDT the average profitability at this time would be 0.8%. Term

Deposit Certificates (CDT) are financial instruments that pay interest on the capital deposited during a specific period. The interest you will earn from a CDT may vary depending on several factors, such as the agreed interest rate, the deposit term and the conditions offered by the financial institution.

In general, CDTs that pay more interest tend to be those with higher rates and longer terms. Therefore, to earn higher interest rates per month and per year, you should look for CDTs that offer higher interest rates and longer maturity periods.

The interest rates of CDTs vary depending on the country's monetary policy, economic conditions and the policies of each financial institution. It is advisable to compare the rates offered by different banks or financial institutions before deciding which CDT to invest in.

Remember that interest generated by CDTs may be subject to taxes depending on the tax laws in force in your country. Furthermore, withdrawing the money before the expiration of the term may involve penalties or the loss of part of the interest generated, so it is important to consider these conditions before making any investment in a CDT.

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