Forex Copier for MetaTrade 4

Forex Copier for Metatrader 4:
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A Powerful Tool for Replicating Trades

The Forex copier is an invaluable tool for those who want to replicate trades between different Metatrader 4 (MT4) accounts. This feature allows automatic duplication of trades from a master account to one or more slave accounts, making it easy to track strategies and efficiently manage multiple accounts.

How the Forex Copier works

The Forex copier operates by installing an expert advisor (EA) on the MT4 platform. This EA is designed to automatically copy trades executed on the master account to the slave accounts, maintaining almost instantaneous synchronization. This tool not only replicates trades, but can also adjust lot sizes, stop-loss and take-profit levels based on the set settings.

Key Benefits

Automation and Synchronization: The Forex copier eliminates the need to manually perform identical trades on multiple accounts, saving time and reducing errors.

Strategy Diversification: Allows traders to use multiple strategies on different accounts without the need to execute them manually, expanding investment opportunities.

Efficient Risk Management: The tool offers the possibility of adjusting risk levels and position sizes accurately and consistently across all slave accounts.

Considerations When Using a Forex Copier

Connection Reliability: It is crucial to have a stable internet connection on all accounts to ensure correct synchronization of operations.

Supplier Selection: Choosing a reliable supplier or master account with a solid operating history is essential for successful strategy replication.


The Forex Copier for Metatrader 4 offers an efficient and automated solution to replicate trades between multiple accounts, allowing traders to diversify strategies, manage risks and optimize time spent trading. However, careful consideration and configuration is recommended to maximize its potential.

Start copying Forex operations now Here
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